Damien Hirst_ Bad News
Oil on canvas
Triptych 230×154×3cm, 2009

Damien Hirst_ Matthew,Mark,Luke and John
Steel,glass and formaldehyde solution containing cows heads and mixed media
Each aquarium 45.7x91.4x45.7cm, 1994-2003

Jeff Koons_ Bourgeois Bust-Jeff and Ilona
113×71.1×53.3cm, 1991

Jeff Koons_Dutch Couple
Oil on canvas
274.3×213.4cm, 2007

Cindy Sherman_Untitled, Balenciaga Series
Color Photograph
153.7x121.9cm, 2007-2008

Cindy Sherman_Untitled, Hollywood Portraits Series
Color print
76.2×50.8cm, 2000

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