Nummer twee, just because I’m standing here doesn’t mean I want to, 2003
35mm 필름

Nummer vier, I don’t want to get involved in this. I don’t want to be part of this. Talk me out of it, 2005
35mm 필름

Nummer dertien, emotional poverty in three effugium, 2011

Nummer acht, everything is going to be alright, 2007
HD 필름

Nummer twaalf, variations on a theme; Opening: The King’s Gambit accepted; Middlegame: the number of stars in the sky; Endgame: and why a piano can’t be tuned, or waiting for an earthquake., 2009
4K 비디오

Nummer zeventien, killing time attempt 1 from the deepest ocean to the highest mountain, 2015
2채널 2K 비디오 설치
9h 48’00”

Nummer negen, the day I didn’t turn with the world, 2007
HD 비디오

Nummer veertien, home, 2012
4K 비디오

2F 전시전경

3FB 전시전경

4FA 전시전경

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