About SongEun ArtAward

The SongEun ArtAward was established in 2001 to support and award Korean contemporary artists through a fair and transparent evaluation process every year. Through several jury phases and committees, the selection of some 30 artists is made from a pool of over 500 applicants. The 30+ artists are given the opportunity to exhibit one work and also be featured in a group catalog. Among these artists, there is a grand prize winner and 8 other secondary cash prize winners.


After the 10th SongEun ArtAward and in accordance with the opening of the new SongEun ArtSpace in 2010, from 2011 the SongEun ArtAward will be greatly modified with the purpose of better supporting and promoting emerging Korean artists. Under the new selection process, only 4 artists will be selected and each will show a body of works in 4 separate exhibition spaces within the SongEun ArtSpace. Each finalist will be granted the same cash award. Before the end of the group exhibition, one artist will be selected as the Grand Winner who is given the opportunity and funds for a solo exhibition within 2 years at the SongEun ArtSpace.


This competition is open to Korean artists only. Further information may be found on the Korean pages of this website.