Hannah Woo: Ma Moitié
2020. 9. 23 - 10. 27

Woo Hannah: Ma Moitié

In her fourth exhibition, Woo Hannah, who has used fabric materials as the main medium of her installation works, presents herself as “Woo Hannah, the designer.” The artist’s newest works with her new identity bring forth the question about the art as a beautiful, valuable thing, in this era where brand-name products claim the title of masterpiece. All of the works are made of recycled fabric. 

Woo, as her another identity of the trend-setting designer, never hesitates to try anything bold and daring. Her innovative creation has stood out in all fields. Now in this exhibition, she unveils her new collection as well as her atelier, previously not open to public.

The newly released collection, Ma Moitié, features a unique perspective on the existential problems of modern people. The main series of the collection is ‘Organ,’ composed of fabric-made body organs such as heart, intestine, and kidney. Since she realized she had lost one of her kidneys in 2019, her focus has been on designing body organs. The designed organs –sky-blue silk heart, Italian handmade fabric liver, and vegan-certified fake leather penis– are a sad but cheerful love song for the lost one. Despite its lively appearance, the work contains ironic melancholy and loneliness that cannot be described. Its elegant surface of pastel shades often hides the withdrawal contained in it, but the viewer can find the evidence of her deep lament over the missed ones. The sense of loss of her body part, which she cannot see or touch despite being hers, is the source of the series. The gloom cast by the feeling of helplessness blooms in the series in a rather cheerful way. This sense is also found in her paintings. Her paintings, also called “mood therapy painting,” are known to have the effect of improving the viewer’s mood. In this exhibition, her creamy pastel-shade paintings conceal the gloominess and create the subtle sense of happiness, arousing strong and mighty spirit.

Meanwhile, her studio – which is rumored to be a witch’s secret atelier - is unveiled in this exhibition for the first time ever revealing the moment of new organs being vitalized. Located in the center of Gangnam, her atelier is filled with details that represent her soul and tastes. It is the place where the viewer can get a glimpse of the designer’s delicate touch, who still insists to take on her signature line from start to finish even after having achieved worldwide fame. The viewer will encounter the raw and natural works that are not yet to be in the spotlight on the runway or in the showroom. 

Woo says that it does not matter for her to categorize the works because they are all her beloved children wherever they are. She does not fear to break the rules and to cross all the fields. Woo, the designer, is indeed the artist of the time.

Jung Hyun Kwon

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